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July 16, 2015Athletes sponsored by BSC/Copener win medals in competition
Practioners of Jiu Jitsu lessons offered by municipality of Jandaíra and supported by BSC/Copener, were medalists at the 4th phase of the State Championship, held by Bahia Federation of Sportive Jiu Jitsu (FBJJE) in the city of Dias D'Ávila, on June 7th. [+]
July 15, 2015Motivation to return to school
The department of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility of BSC/Copener has been carrying out various approaches in the work fronts among the employees of Contractors of forestry area, in order to warn them about the importance of continuous education. [+]
July 03, 2015Program More Trees Bahia launches field day in four regions of the state
From 8th to 17th of July, the team Agro Brasil from Brazil´s National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA) and Livestock will hold field days in four regions of the state, focusing on two main themes of the program More Trees Bahia: Forestry Management for Multiple Use of Wood and Management of Rural Property. [+]
May 06, 2015Project brings technical assistance to farmers
Family farming is a major source of income and survival for thousands people in this region. Generates food - fruits, vegetables and pork, beef, chicken and lamb - consumed in the region. But the lack of technical knowledge often prevents farmers from obtaining the best result of their activities. That was the motivation of the BSC / Copener to deploy the Family Farming Project, through which producers receive personalized service, according to its segment. [+]
Apr 24, 2015BSC is part of Sindpacel´s management
With the inauguration of the new board of Sindpacel (Union of Paper Industry, Pulp, Cardboard, Paper and Paper and Cardboard Artifact Wood Paste the State of Bahia) on the 16th, BSC/Copener now has three representatives on the new management. [+]

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