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Mar 24, 2015BSC/Copener performs inventory of fauna and flora
BSC/Copener has made the diagnosis of the areas of native vegetation and the inventory of biodiversity of fauna and flora. [+]
Mar 20, 2015The second phase of Educating With You is launched
Mayors and managers of the education division in three municipalities where BSC/Copener operates, gathered on March 18th for the release of the second phase of the program Educating with you, promoted by BSC/Copener in partnership with ICEP (Chapada Institute of Education and Research). [+]
Mar 04, 2015Bracell Limited Completes Name Change
Bracell Limited ("Bracell" or "the Company"; stock code: 1768), formerly known as Sateri Holdings Limited, a leading player in the global specialty cellulose market, announced on 26th February that it is taking on its new corporate name with immediate effect. [+]
Feb 23, 2015BSC/Copener supports research of riparian forests
A group of biology students on campus II of Uneb (Bahia State University), in Alagoinhas, is carrying out the floristic survey of riparian forests in the basin of North Recôncavo and Inhambupe. [+]
Feb 23, 2015BSC/Copener sells eucalyptus seedlings to companies and farmers
Farmers and businesses across the country can benefit directly from the BSC Copener technology in the production of eucalyptus seedlings. [+]
Feb 05, 2013Wood logistics by train revitalizes railroad activity in the region
Every day, the sound of the locomotive announces its approach to Esplanada, a town where BSC/Copener has forest activities. [+]

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