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Jun 29, 2018Bracell releases its Sustainability Report 2017
Bracell released on its website the Sustainability Report 2017. It is a bilingual version, basically built from the consolidation of economic, social and environmental data from last year. [+]
Apr 19, 2016Fest in Canto will reveal music talents in schools
You sure know that type of student who breathes music and is always singing in the school halls, don't you? The opportunity for them to show their talent to audience has come: the Fest in Canto, a New Talent Music competition among schools promoted by BSC/Copener to stimulate the talented students to take off to success. [+]
Apr 19, 2016Unopar students visit an area of environmental restoration
In Alagoinhas, a group of students attending the Environmental Management Program at the Unopar University carried out a technical visit to a BSC/Copener's area of environmental restoration in São José do Avena, in the rural area of Itanagra. [+]
Mar 29, 2016BSC/Copener's social partners meet to integrate and leverage results.
The BSC / Copener's partner companies and institutions in different social projects met for the first time to discuss the possibilities of synergy among them. [+]
Jan 12, 2016A precocious talented karate athlete will represent Brazil in Ireland
She did not need much age to show what she came for. At 5, Maria Antonella Viana, the daughter of our collaborator Marcos Leal Viana, who works at the BSC / Copener finance area, has already achieved something that only few have: she was called by the Brazilian Karate Federation, to represent Brazil in the World Karate Championship in Dublin, Ireland. [+]

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